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Monday - Thursday:  7:00 am - 8:00 pm      

Friday:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm     

Saturday and Sunday closed


2605 Main Street, Winnipeg 

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STRENGTH - Develop functional strength.  Weight training programs build bigger, better athletes.

POWER - Learn what it means to exercise at the speed of sport.  Explosive training for explosive athletes.

SPEED - Stay one step ahead of the competition with agility and speed drills.

FLEXIBILITY - Don't be sidelined by injury.  Prevent injuries and maximize athletic performance.

ENDURANCE - Finish strong and outlast the competition with conditioning training.

Exercise Programs

* Individual Programs - We can customize a workout that is right for you, even if you are recovering from an injury.  Personalized training is available for people looking to maximize their time in the gym to achieve the best results from their bodies.  Whatever your needs, our individual training sessions fit the bill.

* Group Training - Our Power Programs are designed to jump-start your entire team or group towards maximum performance.  Physiotherapist led programs will get your body to respond...and quickly.  As an added bonus, individual training time is available as well.

* Adult Personal Training  -  Exercise isn't just for kids.  Personalized adult exercise prescription is available.  You may not be a kid, but what if we could show you how to keep up with them again?  We can help you create the right workout for your needs, whether it's here or at home.

* Weight Control

* Injury Prevention

* Post Injury Rehabilitation

* Sport Orthotic Assessment